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February 7, 2022 ~ The San Rafael City Council unanimously approved the Neighborhood at Los Gamos. We deeply appreciate the support of the community during this process and look forward to creating a beautiful project for the City of San Rafael. You can read the recap of the City Council hearing in the Marin IJ here.


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Efficient Living

The Neighborhood’s apartments will offer much-needed, new housing options.


The housing units range in size from 500-square-foot studios to 700 to 1,000-square-foot one (1) and two (2) bedroom apartments to 1,158-square-foot three (3) bedroom apartments in a beautiful, natural setting.

Community Driven

The Neighborhood’s “Village Commons” will feature an outdoor plaza along with a market/coffee shop that would be open to the public and conveniently located near Los Gamos Drive. Other elements include shared outdoor areas, including a children’s play area, stepped lawn terraced seating, and more seating in an olive grove setting.

Near Jobs & Amenities

The Neighborhood's "Village Commons" site is in close proximity to major employers, such as Kaiser Permanente, the County of Marin, and more. Public Transit is 0.3 miles to Lucas Valley / Hwy 101 bus pad and 0.4 miles to Freitas Parkway / Northgate Drive bus pad. The short walking distance to Marin YMCA as well as new connections to adjacent open spaces.

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The Neighborhood at Los Gamos (“the Neighborhood”),

is a new development consisting of 192 multifamily residential units, a local market, and a neighborhood community center. The vision for the Neighborhood is just that, it is designed as a true neighborhood, with its own grocery store, central gathering area, and fitness and outdoor amenities.

The plans for the Neighborhood are submitted in the midst of our ongoing housing crisis in San Rafael. At the same time, the project will provide this new housing in a uniquely sensitive way because of its ideal location. Specifically, this site has direct access to the freeway and nearby transit opportunities without passing by a single existing home in San Rafael. Furthermore, the size and shape of the site allow the upper hillside area to be preserved and access to adjacent open space will be enhanced through new trails and connections. 

  • The new housing development also will be rich with on-site amenities, including:

  • The “Village Commons,” the common area that will house a local market and be open to the public  

  • The “South Park,” a scenic overlook area to enjoy a view of San Rafael with a children’s playground area that incorporates existing natural landscaping elements

  • Annual YMCA membership for residents will be included in the lease to promote and facilitate a healthy lifestyle

  • Pre-wiring to allow Wi-Fi accessibility throughout the site

  • Pre-paid Clipper transit cards, in an amount equal to 5 weekly round trips to Santa Rosa or San Francisco, will be included in annual rent, to facilitate the use of public transportation.  


To “facilitate housing opportunities” was listed as one of the top goals for the City of San Rafael. This is one of the least impactful locations to meet this goal. 







Site Acreage

Miles to Transit

Year Projected



The Neighborhood is designed and will be constructed with sustainability and environmental stewardship at the forefront. We will plant over 180 trees to further blend the development with the landscape and utilize Silva Cell technology for BioRetention purposes which supports trees, in part by capturing and cleaning storm water runoff onsite. The Project also includes comprehensive solar, electric vehicle, and electric bike components, such as: 

  • Maximum number of solar panels to reduce electricity costs for the residents and reduce the carbon footprint,

  • Electric Vehicle (“EV”) charging stations and EV-charging pre-wiring of all parking spaces for future demand of residents,

  • Seven to ten shared EVs for residents to utilize on-demand to reduce the need for vehicle ownership, and,

  • Pre-wiring for electric bike charging for residents and near the market for the neighboring community,  


Finally, the Neighborhood is strongly considering utilizing BamCore prefabricated wall systems, a highly-engineered bamboo-wood hybrid, for its buildings, however, other possible environmentally sustainable means and methods of construction are also being researched in order to ultimately select the one best suited to this type of construction.





Studio Units

1 Bedroom Units

2 Bedroom Units

3 Bedroom Units


Our family is deeply rooted in the community of San Rafael. We have owned these 10.24 acres of vacant land since 1984, however over the last few years, we have been contemplating the best use of this rare opportunity along the Highway 101 corridor.

By getting creative and thinking outside-the-box with this precious resource of land, we can provide a good amount of housing for the local workforce – a segment of the community that badly needs it. Our goal is to create a thoughtful development that will have minimal impacts on any existing neighborhoods, while helping to meet the demand for housing in our community from a local perspective. That is our objective for the Neighborhood at Los Gamos.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more and hope you will let us know your thoughts. We are excited to be involved in the conversation regarding the possibilities on this rare site for housing.

~ The Hart Family



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